Biograhpy - Cytrus

Name: Kōzuki Kallen 「紅月カレン」
Title Series:Code Geass
Voiced by:Koshimizu Ami

Career ISML Performance
Currently in first year of participation

Moe Tournament Résumé

At one point, Kallen had to choose between the names Kōzuki and Stadtfeld.

Once she made that choice, she never turned back. Taking the difficult path of the fight for the freedom and honour of the oppressed Japanese people over the easy but corrupt life of a Britannian citizen, Kallen joins the resistance forces still struggling within Japan. As a soldier, she is one of the most worthy pilots of the resistance.

Kallen is forced to keep her actions from her Britannian father and broken-spirited Japanese mother. She takes on the weight of a double identity: her colleagues know her as the meek and frail Stadtfeld Kallen, while on the battlefield she drops all pretenses to become the fierce and unforgiving Kōzuki Kallen.

What Kallen didn't expect was that their hopeless fight could be made meaningful by the actions of a single man: the mysterious rebel called Zero. With the birth of this new hope, Kallen's determination grows once more. She becomes closer to her new leader, pushing herself to her limits to fulfill orders and silently rejoicing as, day by day, she comes closer to realizing her dream of a free Japan.

However, this perfect image slowly becomes marred by Kallen's suspicions of their leader's true identity and motives. Kallen is torn between her admiration and loyalty and her distrust. As events spin out of control, Kallen becomes aware that she might have to make a decision more difficult than that between Japan and Britannia: the choice between personal goals and justice.

When things come to a head, can Kallen take the right path, even if it means sacrificing her own happiness?

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