Biography - Psieye

Name: Hiiragi Tsukasa 「柊つかさ」
Title Series:Lucky☆Star
Voiced by:Fukuhara Kaori (Anime, PS2 Game)
Nakahara Mai (Drama CD, NDS Game)

Career ISML Performance
2008: 13th Place. Record: (45-1-0-17) / (0-2)
2009: 25th Place. Record: (41-1-0-22)
2010: 38th Place. Record: (12-0-37)

Moe Tournament Résumé
5th Place - Saimoe Japan 2007
19th Place - Korea Best Moe 2007
2nd Place - Saimoe Japan 2008
Round 2 - Saimoe Japan 2009
Round of 96 - Korea Best Moe 2009

Being just another girl in a large household is a thankless task.

Hiiragi Tsukasa would happily prove herself to be outstanding. She just hasn't found her secret talent yet. Right now, it might be for the best that her fraternal twin is always by her side, helping her out. It's not that Tsukasa is incapable of taking care of herself, not at all. It's just that the whole universe is dead set against her.

Tsukasa has her own strong points: she's good at sleeping in late, for example. That should be enough to justify her few failures like her inability to operate simple cell phones or remember what homework they were given. And anyway, it's alright as long as she can remember the latest balsamic vinegar commercial, right?

The fight goes on: high school girl vs. life.

Past Notable Matches

Saimoe 2007: (Fifth Place)
Round 3: 1519-1448 over Seto Sun (Seto no Hanayome)
Round 4: 1741-1559 over Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden)
Quarterfinals: 1639-1697 to Shinku (Rozen Maiden)

Korean Best 2007: (Nineteenth Place)
Round 2: 972-979 to Louise Vallière (Zero no Tsukaima)

Saimoe 2008: (Second Place)
Round of 16: 1131-861 over Mizunashi Akari (Aria)
Quarterfinals: 1049-894 over Ibuki Fūko (Clannad)
Semifinals: 1137-1096 over Katsura Hinagiku (Hayate no Gotoku!)
Finals: 976-1037 to Hiiragi Kagami (Lucky☆Star)

ISML 2008 Regular Season: (16th Seed)
Topaz 3: 247-247 over Holo (Ōkami to Kōshinryō), OT win
Sapphire 3: 244-245 to Sazen'in Nagi (Hayate no Gotoku!)
Ruby 7: 368-372 to Takamachi Nanoha (Mahō Shōjo Lyrical Nanoha)

ISML 2008 Championship: (13th Place)
Preliminary Round: 588-673 to Fate Testarossa (Mahō Shōjo Lyrical Nanoha)
Loser Round 1: 504-514 to Katsura Hinagiku (Hayate no Gotoku!)

Saimoe 2008:
Round of 16: 406-591-454 to Ikeda Kana (Saki) & Holo (Ōkami to Kōshinryō),

Korean Best 2009:
Round of 96: 976-1175-761 to Furude Rika (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) & over Ryōgi Shiki (Kara no Kyōkai)

ISML 2009 Regular Season: (25th Place)
Sapphire 1: 1301-1314 to Aisaka Taiga (Toradora!)
Emerald 5: 1472-1455 over Kawashima Ami (Toradora!)

ISML 2010 Regular Season: (38th Place)
Sapphire 1: 2340-2328 over Kushieda Minori (Toradora!)

Regular Season Schedule