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Name: Tsukimiya Ayu 「月宮あゆ」
Title Series:Kanon
Voiced by:Horie Yui

Career ISML Performance
2008: 23rd Place. Record: (42-0-0-21)

Moe Tournament Résumé
No finishes in the top 16

"Out of the way!"

Nope. The boy didn't hear it in time, and as a result, Ayu's debut scene was hindered by a run-and-fall (won't be the last time they meet this way). She was running away from someone: the taiyaki seller. In a very serious tone, she explains that she couldn't help herself when she bought some (she was hungry) but then realized she had no money. Her childlike mind doesn't think to take off her backpack when asked to look at it, instead spinning round and round in a futile chase. Ayu is famous for her love of taiyaki and her "Uguu~" catchphrase.

She is looking for Something Precious to her. She doesn't know what it is, but male lead Yuuichi Aizawa follows her around looking for it. When asked of her school, she says it's up on the hill behind the village but nobody seems to recall a school being there. In fact she's hesitant to talk about personal details. What is the secret to this cheerful and amiable girl?

Past Notable Matches

Saimoe 2007:
Second Round: 1117-1156-255 to Erurū (Utawarerumono) and Sakai Chigusa (Shakugan no Shana)

ISML 2008 Regular Season: (23th Seed)
Topaz 1: 234-236 to Suigintō (Rozen Maiden)
Amethyst 1: 180-176 over Holo (Ōkami to Kōshinryō)
Amethyst 5: 158-162 to Furude Rika (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
Sapphire 2: 221-227 to Furukawa Nagisa (Clannad)
Emerald 6: 308-296 over Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden)
Ruby 9: 321-314 over Maria (Hayate no Gotoku!)

Regular Season Schedule