Name: Nagi 「ナギ」
Title Series:Kannagi
Voiced by:Tomatsu Haruka

Career ISML Performance
Currently in first year of participation

Moe Tournament Résumé

Shinto gods have it rough these days � heartless construction planning encroaching on their shrines, irreverent followers and unfair competition from overseas could drive anyone up the wall. Well, at least there's TV to compensate.

Nagi is rudely woken up from a few years' nap and opens her eyes to find herself in most undesirable circumstances. The sacred tree she has taken residence in so far, not only rendering her homeless but also exposing all creatures in the area to the pernicious influence of spiritual beings formed from impurities. For Nagi, who feels deeply bonded with all local life as its mother, this is nothing short of a disaster.

But before she fully understands the situation, she will first reassure the stunned youth who witnessed her rebirth. It might be her caring side showing through, or maybe it's just a preemptive effort to guarantee herself a place she can freeload in. She has her wallet-demolishing standards, too, even if she warms up to the "cheap, modern stuff" quickly enough. Taking in this trick and pun loving god will be more than a little hazardous.

Nagi is a wise god, a magical-girl show enthusiast, a gourmet in-training, a modern technology laywoman and somebody who has to learn, bit by bit, to depend on the support of another.

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