Biography - Cytrus, Psieye

Name: Asahina Mikuru 「朝比奈みくる」
Title Series:Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu
Voiced by:Gotō Yūko

Career ISML Performance
2008: 21st Place. Record: (42-0-1-20)
2009: 11th Place. Record: (50-0-0-13) / (1-2)
2010: 24th Place. Record: (26-0-23)
2011: 25th Place. Record: (24-0-25)
2012: 18th Place Stella Division. Record: (18-0-17)

Moe Tournament Résumé
Group Finalist - Japan Saimoe 2006
19th Place - Korea Best Moe 2006
19th Place - Korea Super Best Moe 2006 - 2007
Round 2 - Japan Saimoe 2009
Round 1 - Japan Saimoe 2010

Mikuru might have ended up in the wrong place, but certainly not at the wrong time.

This delicate girl, who could convincingly play the role of a middle-schooler if not for the size of her bust, in fact has a critically important mission to fulfill. And she is full of determination to give it her all. There is just one problem. The contents of that mission suddenly change from long-range observation to front-line battle.

Well, all Mikuru has to do is steel her nerves and become the plaything of one hyperactive girl. Mikuru is quite adept at the task, letting out delightful squeaks as more and more of her dignity becomes a thing of the past. There might be times when she is ready to break down in tears from excessive abuse... but not giving in to hardship is part of her duty!

As bad as it sounds, Mikuru might eventually learn to enjoy her task. She can enjoy cosplaying as a maid without feeling guilty about it, for one thing. And besides, she can see and experience so many things here! In her original time plane... but that is, uh, classified information.

Past Notable Matches

Japan Saimoe 2006: (Group Finalist)
Group Finals: 859-944 to Nagato Yuki (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu)

ISML 2008 Regular Season: (21st Place)
Aquamarine 2: 113-111 over Furude Hanyū (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
Aquamarine 9: 149-147 over Maria (Hayate no Gotoku!)
Amethyst 3: 214-217 to Minase Nayuki (Kanon)
Sapphire 8: 293-303 to C.C. (Code Geass)
Emerald 3: 332-344 to Suigintō (Rozen Maiden)
Emerald 7: 290-290 to Furude Rika (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni), OT loss

ISML 2009 Regular Season: (12th Seed)
Amethyst 1: 1299-1278 over Izumi Konata (Lucky☆Star)
Amethyst 8: 1569-1550 over Ibuki Fūko (CLANNAD)
Sapphire 5: 1356-1372 to Saber (Fate/stay night)

ISML 2009 Championship: (11th Place)
Preliminary Round: 1789-2265 to Suigintō (Rozen Maiden)
Loser Round 1: 1713-1280 over Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden)
Loser Round 2: 1192-1792 to Sakagami Tomoyo (CLANNAD)

Regular Season Schedule