Biography - Cytrus

Name: Kasuga "Ōsaka" Ayumu 「春日歩 "大阪"」
Title Series:Azumanga Daiō
Voiced by:Matsuoka Yuki

Career ISML Performance
Currently in first year of participation

Moe Tournament Résumé

“I'll get it together and introduce myself properly. Get it together. Get it together. Get it together...”

“Biography, you know, is like sticking 'bio' and 'graphy' together... 'Bio' comes from the Greek word 'life'. And 'graphy'... Doesn't it make you think of mathematics? Graphs can be large and wide and complicated... Curve graphs, conceptual graphs, line graphs, circular graphs... Mathematics sure is scary. I don't like sitting mathematics tests... Can you imagine an enormous, monstrous, villainous graph falling on you? Graphs are scary, too... You wouldn't be able to move... right? Graphs are sure scary...”

“I'm getting it together now! My name is Ōsaka... Pleased to meet you...”

“Wait... Is this really alright...?”

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