Biography: Cytrus

Name: Yagami Hayate 「八神はやて」
Title Series:Mahō Shōjo Lyrical Nanoha
Voiced by:Ueda Kana

Career ISML Performance
Currently in first year of participation

Moe Tournament Résumé

A day would come when she would spread her wings as the Mistress of the Night Sky and smother the world below with her power.

However, until that day, Yagami Hayate lived a less extraordinary life, struggling to find happiness despite the paralysis of her legs and having no close relatives to cheer her on. With her bright personality, Hayate never let everyday difficulties drag her down.

Everything changed the day when the Tome of the Night Sky awoke, choosing her as its master. The ancient artifact had long been affecting her destiny, but now it gave her what she desired most - a family to call her own. Like a blossoming flower, Hayate revealed new sides of her personality as she assumed the role of master and mother to her guardian knights - powerful beings willing to carry out any order of hers. But Hayate's only wish was for them to live happily by her side.

What none of them knew was that an inescapable tragedy was about to shatter the harmony of the time they shared. As the strength of their bonds is tested, Hayate proves her will is adamant and that she will brave any danger to protect the ones she holds dear. However, when a great sacrifice has to be made, Hayate is torn - can she do what's necessary or will it be too much for a young girl's heart?

Past Notable Matches

Saimoe 2006:
Third Round: 960-1020 to Arurū (Utawarerumono)

Saimoe 2007:
Third Round: 1104-1155 to Yuno (Hidamari Sketch)

Saimoe 2008: (Ninth Place)
First Round: 615-431-241 over Shihō Matsuri (Sola), Hatsune Miku (Zoku Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei)
Second Round: 902-775-401 over Kobayakawa Yutaka (Lucky☆Star), Segawa Izumi (Hayate no Gotoku!)
Round of Sixteen: 1047-1198 to Furukawa Nagisa (Clannad)

Regular Season Schedule