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Welcome to the International Saimoe League 2009!
We are excited about our second annual tournament and hope you can join us in deciding your one true saimoe.
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The new bearer of the Heavenly Tiara has been revealed...


ISML 2010 Nomination Period
Friday, 1 January 2010

Polls will be open for 24 hours after the listed start time. Results will be available 12 hours after polls close.


New York, United States

Shiina Hikaru vs. Ōtani Yuri

511   →   608

Shiina Hikaru @ Figure 17 is the Group G Winner in Saimoe 2002. Ōtani Yuri @ Alien Nine is the Group M Winner in Saimoe 2002.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dejiko vs. Shia

739   ←   511

Dejiko @ Winter Garden participated in Round 2 of Group O in Saimoe 2002. Shia @ Pita Ten participated in Group I final in Saimoe 2002.

Cairo, Egypt

Anmoto Shiika vs. Nobuto Sana

918   ←   354

Anmoto Shiika @ Mushi-Uta participated in Round 1 of Group A in Saimoe 2008. Nobuto Sana @ Innocent Venus participated in the Preliminaries of Saimoe 2007.

Moscow, Russia

Hayama Kotono vs. Mishima Rinko

1083   ←   160

Hayame Kotono @ Saint October participated in Round 1 of Group D in Saimoe 2007. Mishima Rinko @ Yume Tsukai participated in Round 1 of Group C in Saimoe 2006.

London, United Kingdom

Kojima Yuki vs. Taruto

419   →   739

Kojima Yuki @ Whistle! did not appear in any previous tournament. Taruto @ Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto participated in Round 3 of Group A in Saimoe 2002.

Sydney, Australia

Kitazawa Tomoko vs. Fujiwara Shizune

347   →   865

Kitazawa Tomoko @ Ai Shimai and Fujiwara Shizune @ Houkago: Nureta Seifuku have not appeared in previous tournaments.

Thanks to KholdStare for organizing this information.

Relegation Final and Mystery Exhibition - Thursday, 05 November 2009
Match #Contestant Name< VotesVotes >Contestant NameVenue
R78Chii (CH)726810Hakurei Reimu (TMK)Tōkyō
R79Evangeline McDowell (NG)726767Index Prohibitorum (TAMI)Tōkyō
R80Hakurei Reimu (TMK)752785Kamio Misuzu (AIR)Tōkyō
R81Index Prohibitorum (TAMI)441989Misaka Mikoto (TAMI)Tōkyō
R82Kamio Misuzu (AIR)570867Kurata Sayuri (KN)Tōkyō
R83Katagiri Yūhi (AISS)850654Chii (CH)Tōkyō
R84Kawasumi Mai (KN)903493Minase Nayuki (KN)Tōkyō
R85Kurata Sayuri (KN)872613Vita (MSLN)Tōkyō
R86Louise Vallière (ZnT)847672Yagami Hayate (MSLN)Tōkyō
R87Minase Nayuki (KN)692846Louise Vallière (ZnT)Tōkyō
R88Misaka Mikoto (TAMI)873621Katagiri Yūhi (AISS)Tōkyō
R89Tsukimiya Ayu (KN)884642Evangeline McDowell (NG)Tōkyō
R90Vita (MSLN)605903Tsukimiya Ayu (KN)Tōkyō
R91Yagami Hayate (MSLN)663839Kawasumi Mai (KN)Tōkyō
X10Shiina Hikaru (F17)511608Ōtani Yuri (A9)New York
X11Dejiko (WG)739511Shia (PITA)Buenos Aires
X12Anmoto Shiika (M-U)918354Nobuto Sana (IV)Cairo
X13Hayama Kotono (SO)1083160Mishima Rinko (YT)Moscow
X14Kojima Yuki (WHST)419739Taruto (MNNT)London
X15Kitazawa Tomoko (AS)347865Fujiwara Shizune (H:NS)Sydney

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Hover over the abbrevations for their definitions. ISML's tiebreaker system is defined in the rules.
During the postseason, these standings will reflect the Relegation Tournament.
1Misaka Mikoto (TAMI)3612000136--4499195341503592.31%0-
2Louise Vallière (ZnT)3612000136--4478198861540892.31%0-
3Kawasumi Mai (KN)3311000233--3393188171542484.62%3-
4Kurata Sayuri (KN)289001328--660173071664771.79%8-
5Tsukimiya Ayu (KN)258001425--192168991670764.10%11▲1
6Hakurei Reimu (TMK)248000524--526169921646661.54%12▼1
7Yagami Hayate (MSLN)186000718---117167781689546.15%18-
8Index Prohibitorum (TAMI)186000718---1264164161768046.15%18-
9Kamio Misuzu (AIR)186000718---661165221718346.15%18-
10Katagiri Yūhi (AISS)186000718--51169021685146.15%18-
11Minase Nayuki (KN)62000116---1805158881769315.38%30-
12Chii (CH)62000116---1572154971706915.38%30-
13Evangeline McDowell (NG)31000123---413114785189167.69%33-
14Vita (MSLN)31000123---413314670188037.69%33-


ISML 2010 Nomination Period
Friday, 1 January 2010

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No major ranges of IP addresses are currently banned.

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