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Name: Illyasviel von Einzbern 「イリヤスフィール・フォン・アインツベルン」
Title Series:Fate/stay night
Voiced by:Kadowaki Mai

Career ISML Performance
2009: 29th Place. Record: (37-0-0-26)
2010: 26th Place. Record: (25-0-24)
2012: 15th Place Stella Division. Record: (20-0-15)
2013: 26th Place Stella Division. Record: (9-0-26)

Moe Tournament Résumé
Round 1 - Japan Saimoe 2006
Round 1 - Japan Saimoe 2010
28th Place - Korea Best Moe 2010
11th Place - Korea Best Moe 2012

Illyasviel von Einzbern hates the cold and loves the snow.

Her existence was to be of use to the Einzbern family in the war for the Holy Grail. Her body was crafted to allow for maximum magical capacity and she was taught how to kill without second thoughts. When her role is over, she will cease to be as a human being and become a vessel for the Holy Grail. She is a child who found herself in the middle of a battle of treason and horrible bloodshed.

But for Illya, as she likes to be called, the war also brought tantalizing glimpses of freedom. With the summoned spirit of a great ancient warrior by her side, Illya fights the enemies of her family but also makes her first friends and rivalries. It is her chance to break free from the suffocating loneliness that rules her life.

Illya’s destiny unveils between stolen moments of happiness and her inescapable duty. It appears that whatever she might do, the Holy Grail War will take everything away from her. However, she is a strong and relentless child who won’t give in until the very end.

Past Notable Matches

Korea Best Moe 2012: (12th Place)
Round of 16: 96-107 to Aisaka Taiga (Toradora!)

ISML 2010 Regular Season: (26th Place)
Aquamarine 3: 2665-2641 over Izumi Konata (Lucky☆Star)

ISML 2012 Regular Season: (15th Place)
Topaz 6: 3038-3005 over Last Order (Toaru Majutsu no Index)

ISML 2013 Regular Season: 26th (9-0-26)
Aquamarine 1: 4525-4601 to Victorique de Blois (GOSICK)
Ruby 6: 3290-3299 to Kuroi Mato (Blackā˜…Rock Shooter)
Topaz 6: 3876-3773 over Sakagami Tomoyo (CLANNAD)

Regular Season Schedule